Top Healthy Foods To Avoid Eating When You Have A Headache

Healthy food for a headache :
Headache can be so debilitating, it can beneficial to identify and avoid potential triggers. For some people, Headache triggers can include specific food.

Conversely, some floods may reduce the frequency of migraine headaches or lessen their symptoms. People may reduce their migraines by monitoring what they eat.

Keep away from aged cheeses

Top Healthy Foods To Avoid Eating When You Have A Headache Keep away from aged cheeses

The longer foods age as cheeses like Ghouda, swiss and parmesan are in the top list of the aggressor because of the histamine consumed in those cheeses may cause the blood vessels in the brain to dilate, making a headache or worsening one.

Keep away from fermented foods

Amino acid and tyramine both are compounds existed in fermented foods as kimchi and sauerkraut can causing headache, also. The people who consume foods containing a high amount of tyramine are more prone to headaches because they have a difficult time breaking down tyramine.

Declared Wellenstein. Consuming those foods can cause many oppositions to change and this has the sequence on the constriction and dilatation of blood vessels in the brain which may be leading to headache palpitations. 

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Consuming this food: cucumbers

Top Healthy Foods To Avoid Eating When You Have A Headache

When the body is dehydrated it can take water from anywhere even from the brain. The consequence is a headache which is the result of the protective covering around the brain which makes it pull away from the skull. Consuming foods rich in the water as watermelon and cucumber, improve the balance of the water in the body. The headache symptoms resolve when the brain fills back up with water. Declared Wellenstein. 

Eat this: lean protein

Riboflavin and coenzyme Q10(Co Q 10), are important vitamins which are existed in the chicken and other meats, their main role is keeping the body’s energy supply flowing. The migraine suffers could have a problem with energy metabolism in the brain. But this mechanism still obscure. Wellenstein declared this can clarify the important role that plays these vitamins in the help of migraine and headache generally. 

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