7 Worst Foods to Limit or Avoid with Prediabetes

Prediabetes is a chronic condition where the blood sugar is high but not too high to be classified as actual diabetes. Although the state is not categorized as diabetes, it comes with risky factors, leading to full-blown type 2 diabetes.

This calls for special attention to what you eat and when to eat to prevent actual diabetes development. Of course, excessive consumption of sugary foods leads to more significant risks of heart, kidney, and pancreas diseases.

Medically, it has been proven that diabetes tends to lower the victim’s lifespan by ten years. Therefore, how can you deal with prediabetes if diagnosed?

Once diagnosed with prediabetes, you should change your lifestyle right away. In short, live like you already have diabetes.

This includes eliminating some foods from your list entirely, which helps avoid diabetes and reverse the prediabetes condition.

Since overweight is one of the significant risk factors for prediabetes, aim at losing at least 10 pounds regularly, and improve your insulin sensitivity.

Yes, the whole idea could be hectic, but it is worth it if you aim at reversing your prediabetes condition and live a happy life.

To deal with these risk factors, you should avoid the following seven foods at all costs. If you are worried about what to eat, there are the best alternatives that work better instead of these foods.

1. Sugary Foods to Limit with Prediabetes

Sugary Foods to Limit or Avoid with Prediabetes

Diabetes and prediabetes conditions are when your body’s insulin is overwhelmed by the bloodstream’s high sugar level and can no longer break it into energy.

It is no surprise that sugary foods are the significant causes of prediabetes conditions, and you have all reasons to avoid them. Chewing on sugary foods spikes blood glucose levels, leading to a prediabetic state.

Therefore, foods such as candy, soda, and baked desserts should be avoided because they contain many sugars but no redeeming nutritional value.

Again, our bodies need sugars for energy, and this means you should not prevent them altogether. You can enjoy sweet treats like fruits that contain enough fiber and sugar.

2. Fruit Juice to Avoid with Prediabetes

Do you enjoy drinking fruit juice? Well, fruit juice is the best option for sweetness, and everyone would enjoy drinking a glass of juice every day.

However, the truth is that fruit juice is never suitable for prediabetics and diabetics. This is because fruit juice is more concentrated in sugars but not fibers.

Therefore, drinking fruit juice skyrockets your blood sugars. While whole fruit is rich in fiber, which plays a vital role in satiety, fruit juice only contains tons of sugar, which will never make you full.

Therefore, to enjoy your fruit flavor without overeating sugars, you can sparkle water with a splash of juice. 

3. Honey to Limit with Prediabetes

Honey to Limit or Avoid with Prediabetes

Honey is sweet and comes with a bunch of health claims. However, honey, coconut sugar, and brown sugar all have common effects on your blood sugar, just like regular white sugar.

So, as far as eliminating honey from your list of foods could be challenging, it is worth it if diagnosed with prediabetes. Some people substitute honey with agave because they believe agave is less sweet and can be used a little less.

The truth is agave gives equal measures of sugar like honey and should be avoided altogether. Therefore, before substituting honey with anything less sweet, you should have all the food information.

4.  White Rice, Rice, And Flour

Nutritionists suggest that food that doesn’t taste sweet can be broken down into sugar in the digestive system.

This is what happens with starches like white flour, which are heavily processed, stripping away fiber, minerals, and vitamins and leave a product that is digested very quickly. These products hit your bloodstream like a ton of bricks, overwhelming the breakdown of blood sugars.

Therefore, it is recommended you avoid foods like white bread and rice. You can eat whole grains such as wild brown rice and whole-grain bread, and pasta. However, do not overdo them because it may still spike your blood sugars.

5. Full-Fat Dairy Products to Limit

Full-Fat Dairy to Avoid with Prediabetes

A diet with high saturated fats worsens insulin resistance, making it harder to fight prediabetes.

Since diabetes comes with higher risks of other diseases such as heart and cardiovascular issues, eating full-fat dairy products increases prediabetes chances, which results in these attached heart issues.

For instance, high cholesterol levels, as a significant factor for heart disease, directly result from damage caused by prediabetes.

Therefore, instead of eating full-fat dairy products like cream, cream cheese, butter, and yogurt, you should choose low-fat versions like avocado and coconut that provide a smooth fat without much ton of it.

6. Fried Foods to Avoid with Prediabetes

Like full-fat dairy products, fried foods come with loaded fats and calories that quickly pound your bloodstream.

Different fried foods impact your blood sugar differently. For example, French fries will raise your blood sugars more than fried chicken because potatoes contain more carbohydrates while the chicken is rich in proteins.

Therefore, the preparation of these foods is what affects your blood sugars. Avoiding fried foods is the best approach to fight prediabetes because, despite foods like chicken and potatoes being very healthy, frying them adds extra fat, which slows down the absorption of sugars and elevates prediabetes.

7. Alcohol to Limit

Alcohol to Avoid with Prediabetes

As it is said, excessive consumption of alcohol is harmful to your health. The risks of consuming excess alcohol include elevating your prediabetes condition, leading to full-blown type 2 diabetes.

Therefore, if you cannot avoid alcohol entirely, then you should moderate its consumption. Different alcohol types contain different sugar levels, which can cause your blood sugars to rise or fall.

People who drink a lot of alcohol are at high risk for prediabetes. Therefore, you should choose low-sugar drinks like wine or spritzers diluted with water.

Alternately, you can limit yourself to one drink per day if you want to reverse your prediabetes condition.


Dealing with your prediabetes comes down to how prepared you are to moderate your foods.

It does not mean you should keep away everything on the list, but moderating on their consumption will do the purpose.

You can also find suitable alternatives like reducing the fat content and eating non-sugary foods. This way, you are guaranteed to reverse prediabetes conditions and avoid developing full-blown type 2 diabetes. 


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