12 Foods Should You Eat If You Have Diabetes

Diabetes is becoming common, even to young people, because of the lifestyle we have. The kind of foods we have today are full of unhealthy sugar, fatty stuff, and calories. Figuring out the right foods to eat when you have diabetes is challenging.

This is because your main concern is balancing blood sugar levels, which is challenging, considering almost all foods are sugar-filled. Still, it’s possible to prevent and manage diabetes.

All you have to is to know the right foods that’ll help you achieve your goal. In this article, we’ll provide you with foods you should eat if you have diabetes.

Leafy greens

Leafy green vegetables give powerful nutrients to the body without providing high calories. They’re also low in carbs, so they won’t affect your blood sugar levels.

Look for vegetables like spinach, kale, and other greens, for they are rich sources of vitamin C and minerals. Ideally, diabetic individuals have a low content of Vitamin C. Intake of leafy greens will highly boost these essential nutrients in their system.

More so, it’ll provide them with enough serum to reduce inflammation and cellular damage. They’re also powerful in offering antioxidant properties, protecting eyes from cataracts, and other diabetes complications. So now more than ever is the time to visit grocery shops frequently.


Avocados Foods Should You Eat If You Have Diabetes

Avocados have low carbohydrates, minimal sugar levels yet generous providers of fiber and healthy fats.

You won’t need to be scared that your blood sugar levels will rise to an abnormal level. If you want to lose weight, avocado can be your magic too.

It’s a perfect food to add to your meal due to the specific properties it gives, which are capable of managing diabetes.


Eggs have incredible health benefits. Diabetes requires a dietary plan, which involves having a proper amount of food.

Eggs will give you that because it keeps you full and satisfied for a long time. This way, you won’t have room to snack on unhealthy cravings.

Adding eggs to your diet also protects you from inflammation, balances insulin sensitivity, and maximizes your good cholesterol levels while minimizing the bad cholesterol.

The yolk is more nutritious than the white part, but you’ll get better results if you feed on the whole egg.


NUTS Foods Should You Eat If You Have Diabetes

Nuts are delicious and nutritious bites to snack on. They contain high fiber and are low in carbs. Regular consumption of nuts reduces blood sugar levels and serves as an anti-inflammatory food.

Eating macadamia, almonds, walnuts, cashews, and brazil nuts lower the risk of heart diseases. Make sure you eat them daily.


Beans are super nutritious proteins yet cheap and readily available. They are rich in vitamin B, fiber, and offer beneficial minerals like calcium, potassium, and magnesium. They help in managing diabetes by reducing the content of glycemic index.


broccoli Should You Eat If You Have Diabetes

Broccoli is a nutritious vegetable and contains a low number of calories yet provides essential nutrients like Vitamin C and magnesium.

Consuming it reduces blood glucose in diabetic individuals by 10%. In addition to that, it contains antioxidants that help to prevent eye diseases.

Virgin olive oil

Virgin olive oil is a superb food for a healthy heart and blood sugar levels. People with diabetes struggle to manage blood sugar levels, and that’s why they need foods that minimize it in the bloodstream.

Make sure you choose virgin olive oil and nothing else. Most olive oils are mixed with cheaper oils like soybean or corn, making the whole product less effective.


Garlic Foods Should You Eat If You Have Diabetes

Don’t let the size of garlic make you underestimate its power in the body.

It contains manganese, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, selenium, and fiber, contributing to managing blood glucose.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is known for its plentiful health benefits. The sugar in it is fermented into acetic acid, making it contain few carbs-as lows as 1 gram per tablespoon.


A strawberry is a sweet fruit. In addition to the lovely flavor it has, it offers nutritional benefits to our bodies.

It’s full of antioxidant properties and reduces cholesterol concentration.

Moreover, it improves insulin sensitivity to diabetes patients and ensures blood sugar is managed and kept in control.

Chia seeds

12 Foods Should You Eat If You Have Diabetes

Diabetic individuals need chia seeds for healthy living. They give extreme fiber yet contain low carbs.

They lower your blood sugar levels and help to maintain glycemic management in people with diabetes.

In addition to that, it facilitates weight loss and gives your body the right digestion flow.

Fatty fish

Fatty fish are among the healthiest food existing. Salmon, sardines, herring, and mackerel are excellent sources of omega-3 fatty acids.

Diabetes patients should get enough of these to stay protected from heart disease and other killer diseases.

They are also great for regulating blood sugar and protecting individuals from being overweight.

How to make eating the right foods easy for diabetic patients

eating the right foods easy for diabetic

Prepare meals for yourself

Cook meals at home instead of buying them. This way, you’ll control the amount of salt you’ll use.

More so, you’ll use the right oils and spices on your food.

Look at the food labels

Read the labels before purchasing any foodstuff. Look at the content of fats, carbohydrates, fiber, and protein. Make sure whatever you buy is free from unhealthy substances.

Make coffee your friend

Coffee is better than fruit juices and smoothies. It doesn’t add any calories, or carb, hence the right drink to introduce in your breakfast plan.

Get rid of a salt shaker

If you want extra flavor in your food, go for black pepper or herbs instead of adding salt. Quitting to use excess salt on food is an excellent way of managing diabetes.


Diabetes increases the risks of acquiring other severe diseases if it’s not managed correctly.

Eating the foods mentioned above will help you manage your blood sugar, but they won’t completely guarantee healthy sugar management. You’ll need to have a planned, balanced diet that offers an overall nutritious meal plan.

Keep in mind you don’t have to eat bad food because you have diabetes. Yes, you’re only restricted to healthy food, but allowed to have tasty meals.

The main goal is to control blood sugar levels. So, eat the right foods to prevent complications like heart diseases!


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