Oil pulling


Oil pulling traditionally serves to boost oral hygiene and remove body toxins. It is done by swishing oil in your mouth that may result in plaque formation and teeth yellowing. It’s an ancient Indian practice, whereby Indians used sunflower oil, though any oil can do. 

Many prefer coconut oil for its sweet taste with a wide range of health benefits. The oil also contains lauric acid for killing bacteria and lower inflammation. Even studies concluded that oiling reduces plaque, bacteria, and gingivitis.

There’s a study that identified daily oil swishing to reduce the Streptococcus mutans (bacteria type in the mouth) number in saliva. We still lack scientific proof of its working.

Again, various previous users have confirmed by having experienced positive oiling effects. Use it in the following way; Hold one teaspoon oil in the mouth, push it, and pull it throughout for over 15 minutes. Do it more often for a change.

Hydrogen peroxide

It’s a bleaching agent and among the best teeth whitening home remedies. For a long time, Hydrogen peroxide is still used for killing wound bacteria and in several commercial cleaning products.

Similarly to the rest, it’s not scientifically proven, but various studies indicate its significance in teeth whitening. Users need to warn against making more substantial concentrations as they can irritate your gums, causing tooth sensitivity. Use it by mixing with an equal amount of water.

You can combine two teaspoons of Hydrogen peroxide with one of baking soda and brush using the mixture. Don’t use this frequently as it may erode your teeth enamel.