10 Food Should You Avoid If You Have High Cholesterol

“Cholesterol” You must have heard this term. This substance is among the most feared when it comes to adapting to a healthy life.
Consuming foods rich in high cholesterol does massive damage to one’s body. Still, there is good cholesterol, which is given by healthy foods.

Sometimes it’s challenging to differentiate between the good and the bad cholesterol. But we’ve got you.
This article will explain what food you should not eat if you have high cholesterol.

Understand the concept of cholesterol

Cholesterol is a fatty substance that the liver produces naturally. It doesn’t dissolve in water; hence the liver manufactures lipoproteins to transport it.

These lipoproteins consist of fats and proteins and are passed through the bloodstream. While cholesterol has a negative impact on your body, it does a pretty good job in your system. It helps build up some hormones, vitamin D, and bile, which is used for digesting fats. More so, it gives cell membranes strength and flexibility.

75% of your body’s cholesterol comes from the liver, while dietary sources give the rest. According to research, dietary cholesterol does not significantly impact the cholesterol levels in your system.

Is all cholesterol harmful?

Food Should You Avoid If You Have High Cholesterol

Not all cholesterol is unhealthy. There are two types of it; Low-density lipoprotein(LDL), which is commonly referred to as bad cholesterol. And the other type is HDL cholesterol and is harmless to your body.

The bad cholesterol builds up in the arteries and causes health problems, while the suitable type helps to excrete excess cholesterol from your body.

When you take in excess cholesterol, your body tries to balance the levels by minimizing the cholesterol it produces.

If you have high cholesterol, which foods should you avoid?

Fried foods

Food Should You Avoid If You Have High Cholesterol

Ideally, everyone is ready to adopt a healthy life, but the challenging part is having to let go of your favorite food. Deep-fried foods are yummy.

Sadly, you should avoid them whenever possible if you want a long and healthy life. These food types contain a high number of calories and have trans fats, which increases heart disease and adds many more health problems that can lead to death.

Moreover, increased consumption of fried foods leads to obesity and diabetes. So, if you want to keep fit and stay healthy, cancel fried foods from your meal list.

Fast food

Who doesn’t love fast food? You can get it any time you have cravings, and it looks exactly the way you want it-spicy and delicious.

Frequent fast-food consumers usually have higher levels of cholesterol, belly fat, and improper blood sugar regulation. It also leads to heart disease and other major health problems.

If you already have high cholesterol, consuming fast foods doubles the effects that come with bad cholesterol. As much as fast food is your darling and readily available to satisfy your craving, you need to avoid them before you get severe body complications.

Processed meat

Food Should You Avoid If You Have High Cholesterol

Sausages, bacon, and hot dogs are among the sweetest thing to eat. However, too much consumption of them is linked to deadly diseases like colon cancer.

The bad thing about processed meat is that even a small amount can damage your health. So, you need to be mindful of what you take in.


Often, you’ll find yourself snacking on cookies, cakes, ice cream, pastries, and other sweet foods, especially when you’re idle. Frequent biting on such foods can affect your overall health, snatch away essential nutrients that your body needs, and eventually lead to weight gain.

They also cause heart diseases, cognitive fallouts, and certain cancers. You’ll have to ditch them entirely if you can’t have control of the amount you consume.

How Else Can You Lower Your Levels Of Cholesterol?

Dieting is never easy. Sometimes even those who have succeeded in maintaining the right foods find themselves getting back to unhealthy meals once in a while.

Therefore, you’ll need to be smart with your diet and have a plan that’ll help you compensate on days you fail to observe dieting. Below are superb ways to lower your cholesterol levels:

Take more fiber

fiber Food If You Have High Cholesterol

Fiber is an excellent way of reducing bad cholesterol. Fruits, beans, and oats are rich sources of it. Indulging them frequently will help you to minimize the accumulation of cholesterol in your system.

Be more physically active

If you’ve been engaging in exercises, you’re using the right road for your journey. Keeping your body active is an excellent solution for lowering cholesterol levels.

You don’t have to tire yourself in high-intensity exercises in the gym. Yoga, jogging, or walking can be helpful to keep your body active.

Lose weight

Lose weight If You Have High Cholesterol

Overweight is a result of the accumulation of high levels of fat in the body.

Shedding off fats is among the best ways to lower cholesterol. You’ll have to keep off from anything that can give you extra weight.

Eat more fruits and vegetables

Individuals who consume vegetables and fruits have lower levels of cholesterol. Add them in all your meals for noticeable results.

Increase the intake of omega 3

omega 3 Food If You Have High Cholesterol

Omega 3 foods and supplements like salmon and fish oil pills raise the concentration of good cholesterol.

In return, you’ll have a safe level of cholesterol in your system.

Get rid of unhealthy habits

Old habits die hard, but you’ll have to quit bad habits like smoking if you want the right amount of cholesterol.

Smoking and excessive drinking dramatically increases your bad cholesterol content and eventually lead to life-threatening diseases like cancer.


Cholesterol isn’t so bad. In fact, your body needs it to form hormones, strengthen the cell membrane, and perform many other activities in your system.

It only becomes dangerous when you have a high content of it. It’s possible to manage your cholesterol levels if you have a healthy lifestyle like eating foods rich in fiber, exercising, and ditching unhealthy foods.

Cholesterol can make you overweight and put you at risk of having heart diseases, cancer, and other health issues that can lead to death. Always remember that if you have high cholesterol, the most effective solution is avoiding the wrong food!


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